September 16, 2020

EP 155 – Jodi Hume – Conquering Decision Fatigue and Gaining Clarity

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Entrepreneurs have a lot of alternatives to juggle on any given day, which frequently leads to paralysis by analysis and a lot of other anxiety and stress. What if you could clear out all the junk surrounding your decision-making and identify a clear path forward? 

After a 15-year career as COO of a growing architecture firm, Jodi Hume shifted gears and has made a name for herself over the last decade providing on-call decision support and facilitated leadership conversations for startup founders, corporations, entrepreneurs and executives. While Jodi works 1:1 with a small number of clients, she is always looking for ways to make more space for leadership conversations in the broader community. She convenes facilitated round-table conversations for entrepreneurs; and each week, she co-hosts So, Here’s My Story… a podcast built from real, honest, business stories with poignant takeaways and plenty of humor. You can also find her at the mic as lead singer of her band, The Wafflers. 

On this episode of the Abundantly Clear podcast, Malorie and Jodi dig into the decision fatigue that most entrepreneurs and business owners suffer from, digging down beneath the surface-level symptoms of frustration and burnout to unearth the root problem and instill some clarity, and making space for activities that fill us up – even if they feel unproductive. Tune in for an energetic chat about getting clear and making the most of your entrepreneurial journey.

You’ll Learn  

  • Why we’re usually wrong when we think we are avoiding making a decision (and what that inaction costs us)
  • What the fear of asking for help, or the environmental pressure to “figure it out” on our own does to our lives, both in and out of business
  • How Jodi’s upbringing helped to shape her into the powerhouse entrepreneur – and singer – that she is today  
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“As an entrepreneur, you are – I have this friend who said, ‘If you had a golden goose that actually laid golden eggs, would you march it up and down the square in the rain until it was exhausted and not let it rest and not give it good food and not let it do anything fun?” You as a leader, you are that golden goose. You have a responsibility to take care of yourself and not be exhausted and know the difference between good hustle and bad hustle and when to give yourself a break. It’s super important.”

 – Jodi Hume 

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