EP 149 – Steve Larsen – Lessons from a Year Off Work

What would you do with a year away from your business? Could you even tear yourself away to begin with? Most of us get so wrapped up in the things we perceive to be important and forget to expand our perspective beyond our own tunnel vision. 

Steve Larsen is an author and financial educator developing practical tools to help people manage their money more efficiently. Through his 100-million-dollar wealth management firm, financial planning classes at Gonzaga University, and easily digestible online courses, Steve has helped thousands of people pursue what is most important to them. Steve’s goal is to silence the noise in the financial advice industry and provide normal people with practical solutions for their money and career. Through his forthcoming book The Year Off and previous title Financial Advice that Doesn’t Suck, he exposes the hidden agendas of a greedy financial industry while providing you with tools to make smart decisions for your family.

On this episode of the Abundantly Clear podcast, Malorie and Steve lay out the truth about managing money, including how Steve makes financial planning engaging (even to the worst budgeters out there), the lessons learned from his full year away from work, and taking full advantage of life in whatever way makes the most sense for us. Tune in for a story you won’t hear from the average accountant.

You’ll Learn  

  • Why the financial advice we have been given online and in media is steering us wrong
  • How we set unrealistic expectations on retirement and what happens when we get there
  • What you need to examine to make the right major move for where you are in life and in business  
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“You know, business owners have a big advantage of being able to fade away and phase out and do consulting and, you know, whatever they do to continue to cause trouble, but people who are in corporate America – almost to a person – the ones who struggle the most are the ones who like their job, because the ones who hate their job actually have an easier time not looking back. The ones that like their job but it’s just kind of time and they’re getting tired; they struggle a lot. So, this can also apply to really anybody who’s approaching a major change in their life.”

 – Steve Larsen 

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