EP 105: Logan Sneed Terminal Cancer to Massive Impact

Logan Sneed went from high school athlete and college freshman to a stage IV glioblastoma patient overnight. (That’s terminal brain cancer, for those of us who aren’t doctors).

Doctors told him he wouldn’t survive his diagnosis, and even if he did, he’d never have the quality of life he wanted. Logan refused to believe that. Each time someone told Logan he couldn’t do something, he used it as fuel to prove them wrong.

Today, Logan is a fitness entrepreneur making a six-figure income, in remission, and inspiring the world with his story of beating the odds.  

You’ll Learn  

  • Learn what action we all should take in terms of life and death situation.
  • Know what motivates us to go and get what we wanted in life.
  • Find out how Logan’s life shifts, finding out his conditions.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“If somebody has the number one most difficult job in the world, it does not mean that there be one all be all that you have to rely on your life on those people. There something more just because they know it all; they know all of it.” 

 – Logan Sneed 

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