April 17, 2018

5 Steps to 5K: Your Business Plan for Being a Health Coach

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Hey there health coach,

The idea of waking up and embracing the feeling of being a health coach AND earning consistent revenue on your mind all the time?

The frustrating thoughts of having no idea how to start getting clients (or maybe even your first!), also sound familiar?

If you’re anything like the other awesome health coaches I know, chances are you’re probably the go to person when your friends or family are dealing with their own personal health or life problems.

You know HOW to coach, but you aren’t getting paid to do it. (yet)


Time to implement a health coach business plan!

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Keep reading!

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This isn’t about being the go to girl forever, you want grow a business and enjoy the feeling of actually being a health coach so that you CAN truly help people.  This IS possible, all the dreams you have about financial and time freedom will happen, you’re just in the transition phase.

I experienced this too, I get it completely, and so do all the coaches I’ve worked with.

It really is the number one problem when starting out.

So let’s talk..

Why do you need a Health Coach Business Plan?

A health coach business plan is going to give you the exact framework and tools that you need to finally enjoy being a health coach instead of a freebie problem solver. A business needs a business plan, it’s truly that simple!

The truth is, you want to be a successful business owner, but no one has taught you how to do this yet. Most health coaching programs do not give you to the tools you need to start and leverage your business. Well, look no further because I’m giving you “The 5 Simple Steps to Your first 5k Guide” for your business success that you can use today to start getting clients.

Plain and simple, because you deserve it and your time is worth it.


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Imagine if in the next 15 minutes you were able to get some massive clarity in the steps you really need to be taking in order to bring you income.

And after implementing these steps, you landed a client.

Those frustrating thoughts about not knowing where to start, actually start to disappear.

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Unfortunately, the way we’re taught to build a business…

  • Build a website
  • Get business cards
  • Create flyers
  • Etc. etc.

Those aren’t what you need to be doing.

Times have changed, so we need to adjust.
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we’re all BUSY.

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It’s going to give you the exact 5 steps I took that allowed me to leave my 9-5 in only 3 months of building my business!

You can do this too.

There’s no reason why you can’t, other than the fact that you don’t have a health coach business plan in place yet 😉


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