May 28, 2019

EP21: How Effective Communication Creates Less Stress and More Profit

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“To set up relationships with clients that last a really long time, be honest about how you can help, and be honest about the expected results.” 
-Malorie Nicole (4:31 – 4:44) 

Malorie Nicole
Abundantly Clear

Communication is the channel that maintains fluidity in business. 

Honesty is the best policy. However, so many business owners fail to embrace their responsibility in addressing what is and is not possible. How many times for example, have you quietly nodded your head in agreement to aid a client in reaching what you know to be an unattainable goal? Agreeing to unrealistic expectations places such an unnecessary amount of pressure on yourself and sets your client up for disappointment. Avoid being at fault by establishing clear boundaries from the beginning. 

“Set yourself up for success by looking at where your client is when they come into your container.” – Malorie Nicole (3:17 – 3:30)  

The next time something doesn’t go according to your plans, and you feel the resistance and stress, recognize it as a sign to explore. Maybe you’re experiencing success financially, but you’re not being honest with yourself about how you feel about the work, or you haven’t set up the right boundaries with clients. Perhaps you need to explore new creative elements that you haven’t tried before. Your path will always be unique, regardless of the type of business you’re in. Your job is to explore and figure out how you can live happily and express your unique gifts and talents to make the world a better place.

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