Upgrade Your Money Mindset

Heyyyy you, you’ve got an online business right? Which means money is on your mind, because you’re in charge of bringing in the cashflow.

Even when you’re making it, the lingering voice of “it’s not enough” or watching it disappear all too quickly…happens every time.

Bills, that extra payment you owe that just showed up out of nowhere, the thing you wanted to buy, and poof it’s gone.

I remember my first 10k month, and I felt scarce about it. I was excited for half a mili second before I went into.. ok what’s next mode. (needless to say I had to do a lot of work around my money mindset junk)

Yup, 10 thousand dollars in a matter of weeks, mind you.. my prior income was 50k a year and the voice in my head immediately went to… ok now you need to do it over again as quickly as possible or things are going to fall apart. 

It’s one thing to be energetically excited, pumped up, wanting to create more, it’s another to do shift back into fear. After doing a ton of my own personal growth work on my relationship with money I realized so many other people were struggling with this too.

This is why I created the Upgrade Your Mindset Guide. 

(Sidenote, there’s a whole course I’ve developed on money mindset & it’s super affordable I’m going to share more on that in a bit) 

When I first started my business I honestly had no idea what the difference between a scarcity and an abundant mindset was. I didn’t know there was another way. That I could actually think differently and not be so stressed out about money all the time. 

And the fact that there’s science behind it? That was all news to me.

Subconscious beliefs? Conscious thoughts? Actions? I didn’t know any of this existed. 

Now, I understand why so many business owners are struggling deeply with their money mindset junk. 

Because our money mindset hardly has anything to do with money itself. I know it sounds weird, I thought the same thing when I started learning about all this stuff. Every bit of this is explained in the upgrade your money mindset guide.

If you’re still reading, trust your gut, I think you have a little money mindset upgrading to do yourself, lucky for you step one is a click away, and it’s free!

You deserve to make the impact, money, and enjoy the freedom you want, which is why I want to tell you more about the Abundantly Clear Money Mindset Course. 

If you’re ready to take a bigger jump (without the price tag) to remove your money scarcity and uplevel your money mindset, click to check out more info. 

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