The Ultimate Guide to Having Conversations That Consistently Land Clients for Holistic Health Coaches

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Health coach - you and I both know its not about recipes. Try this strategy for getting clients in your health coaching or life coaching business.
Health coaches who establish partnerships with health care providers can guarantee a successful coaching business!

How would it feel to have one simple strategy in place to bring you one new client every single month? All without sponsored posts, constant hustle, and no Facebook group promo threads? Before you laugh and return to your coffee, hear me out! It is possible.


In fact, this strategy relies on NOTHING more than a relationship with a health care provider.


But before I answer your “Ok, tell me more!” plea, I want to break this strategy down to show you the financial benefits of spending time creating this relationship.

With this strategy, you could generate $100k in three years WITHOUT marketing. That means no constant grind, no pouring all your assets into one ad, and no ad word campaign.


I know, that’s a bold claim, but I have the proof:

Say you only landed one client a month from creating a relationship with a health care provider, and your return on that no cost investment was a $1,500 paying client. If you multiply that by one time a month (12), that equals $18,000 dollars a year. ( I know right?!)

Now, let’s take it a step further, say you created relationships with two health care providers – each resulting in a $1,500 a month client. Now you’re looking at $36,000 annually just from one client a month per provider!


It really can be that easy!


For some of you that are wanting to grow your business as a side gig, this is all it would take. You could quite literally stop all your marketing strategies right now, create a few relationships with some providers and be done for the year with an extra $36k in your bank.

Have you done the rest of the math yet? This means that in three years you could generate over $100k just from establishing two relationships with health care providers, which leads to LITTLE TO NO marketing costs.

All this strategy costs is your time. The upfront work is all it takes, and then you’ve established an effortless pathway for clients to purchase your services with almost no ongoing outreach work required.


But, now that you’ve seen the magic math, other questions are probably starting to arise (I know, because I’ve been in your shoes):

    • Why in the world would a healthcare provider want ME to help them?
    • Isn’t there someone more qualified?
    • How do I even start this kind of relationship?
    • Won’t I just get stopped at the front desk?


Sound familiar? Don’t worry, I’m going to break everything down for you. This is the ULTIMATE guide to having conversations that consistently land clients after all.

Here’s the long and short of it: Health Care Providers need your help.


They have repeat patients coming back to them dealing with the same issues day in and day out, and they are not in a position to do the deep-dive work required for serious lifestyle changes. Lifestyle change requires time, and you know what doctors don’t have? A whole lot of time…

    • A diabetic specialist does not want to see their patient experiencing zero improvements in blood work because he was unable to commit to the lifestyle changes necessary.
    • An OBGYN does not want to see their patient’s hormone levels not improving because she is not implementing the food and exercise changes required to do so.
    • A chiropractor does not want to see someone coming in every single week complaining about the same back pains because they aren’t doing anything to manage their stress properly.


But yet that’s what’s happening.

So here’s how to solve their problem (and fill your bank account). This is a real life example of why this is so essential to improving health care for all individuals.

I had a mom reach out to me online after seeing one of my videos. She told me that her daughter really needed help. She was 15, struggling with major digestion issues, and her doctors didn’t have time to spend on the details. They couldn’t make food suggestions, couldn’t tell her what to substitute anything with, and couldn’t tell her what to eat to heal her stomach.

Of course, I jumped in and got her on some protocols. I spent time that the doctors didn’t have.

Within a month of working with her, many of her problems started to go away. All I did was suggest some foods, tactics, and tricks to improve her digestion… and the results came quick. I did all the things a great health coach would have done. I didn’t diagnose the issue, I just acted as the detective to help her build a new relationship with food, that I knew was going to help her.

Was her doctor impressed? Absolutely. She stopped visiting him every other week with complaints, her test results improved, and her symptoms subsided.


I understood where the doctor was coming from, and proved my abilities with the patient’s improvement. You can do this as well.


See, health coaches are vital for the healthcare industry. People need help with habit change, and if you are a health coach, that’s what you are a master of. You are here to help people with that change, and give them the time that doctors do not have.


Doctors, Physicians, Specialists, OBGYNs, not only want you: they NEED you and your impact on their patients is life changing.


We do this work to diminish Disease, Depression, Divorce and Early Death. While those are heavy topics, this work doesn’t have to be hard. Now that you understand how beneficial this can be to your business and to helping heal the planet, it’s time to implement it. I’ve created a free training that will give you the step by step process to establish your own relationship with Health Care Providers, increase your income, and remove the need for a large (and costly) marketing strategy. Watch the training, do the work, sit back and see the clients come to you.

It’s my job to make business simple for you.

It’s your time to shine. It doesn’t have to be hard, go change some lives!

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