Blindspot Assessment

If you uncovered the specific blindspots you are missing and saw exactly how to transform them into growth and fulfillment, would it be beneficial to you? 
This is exactly what the Business Blindspot Transformation Assessment guarantees. 
Who is this for? 
>A Business owner who knows your personal growth and leadership skills are a core part of your business and team success. 
> You’ve invested in business help before, but you fee like there’s something missing. 
> You’re tired of feeling like you’re outworking your problems and burnout has become the new norm.
> You have a hunch it’s time to explore deeper into your personal growth and the relation it has to your business. 
Let’s assume we all have blindspots, because truthfully we do. Sometimes these blindspots show up like shiny object syndrome, analysis paralysis, knowing there’s more you feel called to do but not knowing exactly how to do it. The Business Blindspot Transformation Assessment will help you uncover your core specific growth opportunities that are waiting to be transformed. 
When an entrepreneur hears the word mindset, often this is what comes to mind: their daily routine, positive thinking, reaching their goals, or maybe even the mindset coach in that group program they invested in a while back.
There’s more to it than that. 
Your mind processes information is a very specific way, and in order to create the business you actually want, uncovering your blindspots is a guaranteed part of the process. 
You will only get so far without doing this transformative work.
The good news is, with doing this work, you will experience a transformation that not only impacts your business, but your entire life.
“I wasn’t even planning on hiring a coach, and after our first conversation, I knew had to do it. Then I continued on for another 3 months because it was such an awesome experience. I’ve been through mastermind groups, and other coaching, Malorie has a unique perspective that I’ve never gotten anywhere else and it’s changed my life.” Ryan S. 
The Business Blindspot 10 question assessment will give Malorie the specific details she needs to uncover if you’re “getting in your own way”, the great part about this is, most people don’t even realize they are, which means they’re not aware of how much opportunity is available to them. What if life could be better than it is right now?
“Before I started working with Malorie I thought I had everything together, but everything I had in place wasn’t solving the real problem. I wasn’t breaking out into the massive success and potential I knew I could be. Just in the few months I have been working with her, I’m already seeing massive changes in my business. She does the deep work that’s important, and addresses the things that are holding you back that you might not even recognize.” Sani N. 
We don’t often realize what’s truly blocking us, my passion to continue to help others identify what they’re not seeing and turn it into greatness. 
I can’t wait to see what potential lies underneath your hidden blindspots. 
Is it Profit? 
A Unique Gift not Being Utilized? 
A Transformation For Your Business? 
All of the Above? 

Let’s find out.