3 Sales Call Tips for Holistic Health Coaches

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sales call tips
sales call tips
sales call tips
sales call tips
sales call tips
Health Coaches can build a profitable business through simple conversations. Change lives by sharing your knowledge of holistic nutrition and holistic lifestyle.

Here’s the shocking truth… “sales” doesn’t have to be an icky word! You don’t have to feel sleazy after you make a sales call, dreading pitching your services over the phone. I’m going to reveal to you 3 sales call tips for holistic health coaches so that you’ll learn that you’re not pitching anything at all! By the end of this post, you’ll discover that you are merely bridging the gap between someone’s problem and the solution.

You are the expert to help solve their problems!

Buh-bye to the slimes feeling of sales calls!

Still not convinced?

You’re not alone. In fact, sales calls are one of the top things holistic health coaches struggle with. After all, you have a deep passion for healing the world, not asking for credit card numbers, right? That disconnect can leave you struggling when it comes to having fluid sales conversations. But if you’re not closing sales calls, you’re closing your business.

Don’t forget to access the video training follow up for these 3 sales call tips at the end of this blog post! You don’t want to miss it!


The Top 3 Mistakes Holistic Health Coaches Make:


  1. Not Seeing the True Value of Your Program

Coaches, listen up! I’m about to give you a motherloving truth bomb…you are solving million dollar problems for a couple thousand!

Let that sink in…

When you’re in the thick of it, slaving away on blogposts, email responses, and social media engagement, it is easy to put all your coaching goodness on the backburner.

You’ve got your blinkers on!

You’re looking at your business from a limited perspective!

You’re looking at the length of the program and what they are going to experience in that short time, rather than the instilled new long lasting life habits and how it will affect them forevermore. As a holistic health coach, you should be selling value not time!

You’re not seeing the true value of your program. No wonder you’re finding it difficult to ask for $2000 (or even $1500!)

Is it possible that what they experience on one of your coaching programs will prevent disease, early death, depression, or divorce? Abso-freaking-lutely!

And guess what?

These are absolute life changers!

What is the value of a life? Much more than $2000, right? For a life changing program, you are offering a complete bargain!

Remember, you are the expert to help solve their problems! 

Sales Call Tips : NUMBER 1

Journal out the top 3 things that will NOT change in your potential clients life if they continue what they are doing right now. Get a good understanding of the path your client is on. Start to value your program on the long term resultsnot just what is going to change in the next month, 3 months, or 6 months of the program that you offer.


  1. Ignoring your Clients Current Pain Points

Stop adding value to yourself and start adding value to your client’s life!

When you hop onto a sales call, you’re supposed to sell yourself, right?


It may be a sales call but you are not selling yourself, you’re selling a solution to their problem.

In order to find out what these problems are, you need to get to know them, know their needs. This connection and care will make working with you an absolute no brainer!

They dont want to hear about your holistic health coaching qualification!

They dont want to hear your robotic pitch within the first five minutes of the call!

They dont want to hear how great you are!

They want to hear how great you are for them… on a personal level. They want to talk about themselves, their experiences, their pains.

Answer these questions:

  • What pains them?
  • What are their long-term losses from these pains?
  • What are their limiting beliefs?
  • What’s making them believe that they are stuck?

We have two ears and one mouth for a reason – listen twice as much as you speak!

Meeting your client where they are, instead of bringing them to your level, shows that you understand their journey. They can now picture you guiding them on this journey, working with them.

Before you dive into prices, throwing numbers at them, ask your client what is going on in their lives. Find out why they reached out to you. Figure out how you can help them.

Again, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason!

Sales Call Tips : NUMBER 2

In your sales call, ask power questions like: “Why do you want change?” andWhere are you feeling stuck?” They will not see the true value in the holistic health program unless you bring them transparent understanding and awareness of the full longterm effects of the struggles they are currently facing.


  1. Not Seeing the True Value in YOURSELF

There are loads of holistic health coaches out there, so why are you special?

If one major mistake is not seeing the value of the program, the other is not seeing the value of yourself.

This isn’t always your fault. If you constantly hear “Oh, I can’t afford it”, you will start to subconsciously devalue yourself, your skillset and the program you offer. You may start to massively doubt yourself and offer discounts and low end prices to grab attention! After all, if lots of people complain that it is too expensive, then it must really not be worth that much.

People can afford your full prices – plain and simple.

Money is never the issue. It is a matter of priority.

People can afford what they give themselves permission to afford. Matter of fact, I was broke yet came up with the $14.5k needed to enter a coaching program I deeply wanted to be a part of. Somehow, miraculously, I came up with the money. How? I was motivated because it was a priority. 

One of the biggest things I teach is that your business problems are usually internal blocks. If you have an internal block in self confidence, or you feel a bit unworthy, it’s going to hold you back from growing in your business… or even getting your first client.

The truth is, people need you. The 4 D’s (disease, early death, depression, and divorce) need to be diminished and it’s up to us to do so. You are the expert to help solve their problems!

When you take yourself through your own transformational experience of banishing all the limiting beliefs you’re currently telling yourself, you will then be able to step up to the plate, own your worth, and charge for what the programs are actually worth! I promise you a 6-week program is worth way more than $397.

Sales Call Tips: NUMBER 3

Work through your own issues! Hire a coach, get some counselling, or attend some personal development workshops. You own selfconfidence and selfworth has a massive effect on how potential clients view and trust you. Your coaching business can only grow as much as you are willing to grow.




Well, there you have it. Those are the top 3 mistakes holistic health coaches make on a sales call and now you know what not to do!

Were they what you expected?

Don’t feel disheartened if you see those mistakes in the call you took this morning. Know that you can do this! Especially because you know have 3 sales call tips to bring into your business so you can start closing calls.

Sales are a key component in growing your coaching business, time to hunker down and master it. As I noted in the beginning, I’ve included a video training for you to dive deeper into this topic. I want you to be a master at sales so you can do the heart based work you’re called to do. I know what’s like to struggle with health, and there’s people out there that need your help. Check it out here and adapt these principles to your business and watch it thrive.

You are a coach, after all! Allow yourself to be coached and start bringing your best self to your new clients. Please comment below if you found these sales call tips helpful! You got this!



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