From a crumbling world of depression, alcoholism, insomnia, and all sorts of self-abuse Carla White rose to become the first woman to launch a solo app called “Gratitude” which paved the way for her to be seen in The Oprah Show. After completely turning her life around, she started making sense in other people’s lives by becoming a Coach/Consultant for business and lifestyle, she created an online course called “” and became a keynote speaker in topics she is so passionate about. Added to her stellar achievements are mindset influencer and author.

Listen in to this episode as Carla shares how she radically changed her life & career with a purpose to share her skills in order to help others shine.  

You’ll Learn  

  •  How to understand the way our brain works so we can have it wired to work to our optimum advantage 
  •  What is a Gratitude App 
  •  The truth about meditation and what we otherwise believe 
  •  About abundance money mindset 

Favorite Quote 

“ Every situation, the outcome is determined by your expectation. Let’s say that you just want to ask a guy out if you’re expecting him to say no, your actions are going to be different than if you know he’s going to say yes. Really it’s your actions.  Are you going in there with the expectation of a yes or are you going in there with anxiety?” – Carla White

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