Carissa Magras is an Author, Coach, and CEO of Readers on Demand.  She helps authors grow their audience on autopilot so they can get their messages into the hands of more people, by implementing the Readers On Demand method of marketing: a 3-part system that enables you to write more, market less, and crush your book and business goals. She authored a book entitled: Live Life Uncaged and lives by the adage: “We can’t change the first few chapters of our lives, but we can take back the pen and write our best story.” 

True to what she says, this episode is all about getting into her life story of struggles and challenges as a child, as a mother, and as a wife and turning it into inspirations to get better at herself and her life. 

You’ll Learn

  • How to employ a marketing strategy of telling a story  
  • How to leverage your great asset of storytelling as an author 
  • How to pull yourself out from self-doubt and shame story you went through and keeping back on track with your goals 

Favorite Quote 

“Like I’m a big person, I don’t want to market just to make a buck. I want to market to transform lives. It’s not just to sell something, it’s because selling that thing is going to create this massive transformation that these people need. And so that’s what my marketing, that’s the purpose of it.” – Carissa Magras 


“Live Life Uncaged” by Carissa Magras 

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