10 Things that Helped me Double my Income

(and 2 things that didn’t!)

From 2018-2019 I implemented some major changes that resulted in double the income (and it’s August). It wasn’t because I figured out how to “hack the system” with a marketing method. The primary reason was because I started showing up differently, and I saw massive growth in my revenue because of it. My income literally doubled because of these 10 things.

#1 Scheduling

My first year in business I created a schedule I didn’t love. The truth is, I didn’t like starting at 7:00 AM like every other entrepreneur I saw. Turns out I’m more productive and I make more money when I do what works for me.

I brought back the 9-5 hours instead of the “I’m an entrepreneur and I’m a slave to my business” story I was telling myself. I ease into my mornings with plenty of me time, this made a huge difference in how I feel all day long.

#2 Social Media Clean Up

Instagram and I changed our relationship from “it’s complicated” to “just friends”. I’m super active on facebook, email list, and my podcast. I wanted to be able to put a picture of my dog up without having to feel like I had to put a big lengthy compelling story under it for business purposes.

Or… Like the time the West Elm couch I ordered took 8 weeks for delivery so I opted for a swan off amazon to hold me over.

I clearly use it now just for play, and no longer feel like I have to show up to #allthethings.

#3 Meal Planning

I know… how could meal planning possibly be something that doubled my income? Here’s why, I no longer think about what I’m going to make, when I’m going to eat, and if I have all the ingredients for it. I spend an hour tops Sunday making lunches for the week, and now I flow through my day with less distractions.

#4 Switched to Podia

I switched to Podia for my course platform. Previously I was using Karta and for whatever reason it wasn’t my favorite from a design perspective. If something has a mild bit of “meh” feeling around it, I end up avoiding using it. This is why I had to make the switch because courses are a huge part of my business growth.



With Podia, not only is it more affordable, but the features are like no other and it’s SO EASY to use. I absolutely love the process of creating a new course and uploading everything into the platform. They also host video streaming, if you’re a course creator you know this is huge. No more uploading on youtube to then go upload into the course platform. It’s a one and done. 

#5 Renewed with my Mindset Coach

I continued another year with my mindset coach, even though I felt like I had done enough mindset work. When it was time to decide if I wanted to renew or not, I easily could have said no. Was I getting stressed out like I was before? Nope. Had my income made a massive shit? Yes. Did I feel like I removed more limiting beliefs than I could count on both hands? Absolutely. But, I didn’t want to stop at “enough”  I wanted to keep growing.

If I’m going to hold myself to a standard to help others remove their barriers and become the best versions of themselves, then I must stay on top of my game. Which means, regardless of the investment, I have to stay committed to my purpose and that meant going all in. I’m pretty convinced at this point not only from the work with my 1:1 clients, but also seeing other entrepreneurs, those that have coaches grow faster. Mindset is the number one thing I believe that has helped me make every decision I have that have helped me double my income. 

By the way, if you want some mindset upgrading, scroll to the bottom to access your guide!

#6 Hired a Podcast Mentor

I hired someone to teach me everything I needed to know about podcasting. As an entrepreneur there’s very little that’s more exciting than trying something the first time and it working. Guess what, that doesn’t happen 100% of the time, honestly it hardly ever happens.

The first time I launched my podcast I was really wasn’t excited about the results. I wanted the podcast to be world-wide, reach as many people as possible to educate them on the real stuff that blocks them from reaching success. Not the… ra ra motivational stuff, actually understanding how to navigate and remove mental barriers and show people new perspectives.

If you look at this map you’ll see the majority of my audience still comes from the United States, but I have a loyal following in France, The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The Podcast has reached over 50 countries and grows every single day. If you haven’t listened, you can check it out here.

My first launch, I did NOT see the kinds of results. Not to mention, within 6 weeks of the relaunch Abundantly Clear Podcast hit the top 100 in the self-help category of Itunes. The investment I made for a podcast mentor was well worth it and has totally changed my business!

#7 I Attended and Spoke at Live Events

If you want more people to hear about what you do, speak about it, and most of all build relationships with others. I cannot stress how impactful live events have been for my business. 2018 I went to a couple, 2019 I ramped it up and it’s paid off, all the investments to the invents absolutely helped me double my income. Online relationships are one thing, real life is another and that is something that will never change.


A pic from a live event I spoke at in Seattle

#8 Hired a CPA

I wanted to save more of the money I was making. Double my income? That starts with hiring someone to help me manage my finances. It’s honestly a no brainer and every entrepreneur should have someone in the back end helping them with their money.

#9 I Raised my Prices

People were seeing insane results in my coaching container. I just had a client that booked $70,000 in ONE month. Granted, she’s been working with me for quite some time this didn’t happen overnight & she’s a boss marketer, but when she came to me her business was about to tank, and now look where she is. Results like this were becoming the norm, so I decided to charge more for my packages.

You hear this one a lot, “Double your income, just double your prices” I honestly don’t agree with this. If you give people results that reflect in the price you want to charge, ABSOLUTELY you should raise your prices. So many people struggle with their own money mindset, which I talk about all over the place on this site, and you can download the guide at the bottom to give you more insight to upgrading your own money mindset, but point being.. give results first.

#10 I said no. A lot.

I said no to a lot of opportunities, which allowed me to get clear on what I wanted. I even said no to getting flown across the country to be on a youtube show, that gets over 10 million downloads an episode. That would have been great for my business, right?

I had done something similar in the past, the video got over 7 million views and I ended up making 5 figures from it through new business. But this particular opportunity felt different.

Is it aligned to my vision? Is it true to the message I want to share with the world? Does it feel good? If any of those are no’s then the answer is no. I don’t need to question it, my intuition is always right. In this case, the youtube show was a nada.

Now for the two things that didn’t double my income.

#1 Exchange Work

I’m not a fan. I’ll happily pay for services I want, and vice versa. I did exchange work once this year, and honestly it just gets too complicated, especially when you want to add on additional services to the package, making it “equal” can get tricky.

#2 No Vacation Time (whoops)

Big mistake on my part. I didn’t factor in vacation time with my retainer clients granted I still went on some trips, but I could have made it easier for myself. I have an entire new structure set up for 2020 that I’ll be implementing. Every other month will have a week factored in with no client calls. This week can be used for, vacation or solely implementation work.

I honestly probably won’t go on 6 week long vacations a year, but having a schedule set up for me to be successful in, is super important. You live and you learn, for a couple years in business, this really isn’t that huge of a mistake so I’m grateful!

That’s a wrap!

At the end of the year I’ll be sure to share some more things that helped me grow in Q3 & Q4. For now, what do you need to implement to help you double yours?
Remember, mindset was the biggest thing that moved the needle for me, grab your guide below if you need help upleveling yours. 


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